What is PuzzleRose.com?

People of all ages play casual games. However, research has shown that those who are most likely to buy and continue to play casual games are women aged 40 and older. PuzzleRose.com is the first Web site that specifically targets that market. Our mission is to provide a high-quality, fun, social environment in which mature people can solve puzzles, play games, and share their experiences. We welcome players of all ages and genders, but our marketing is slanted towards mature women.

What is a “casual game”? One definition is, “puzzle, word, simple action/arcade and other family-friendly, non-violent games which can be played on computers and mobile devices.” We include computer versions of such traditional entertainments as cryptograms, crossword and jigsaw puzzles, bridge, and other card and board games as well as original games and puzzles.

The PuzzleRose.com experience

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